Sunday Funday in Santa Barbara

A few Sundays back, new couple friends of ours invited us to the Funk Zone for dinner. (The Funk Zone is a collection of converted warehouses and buildings that are now home to artistic boutiques, breweries, tasting rooms, and creative eateries. It’s a hoot.) While we were waiting for our tri-tip sandwiches (yummm), our friends started to tell us all about the things they did that day—pick up basketball, beach volleyball, serving at church, breakfast at this place, lunch at the next. We asked them why they crammed so much into one day and without skipping a beat they said, “Sunday Funday!”

Last weekend, Jackson and I decided to model their behavior and have a Sunday Funday of our own. But before I get to the good part, it’s important to note Jackson is in the thick of it at work right now—gone for four days in a row one week, working long hours the next. It’s an all day, every day sort of schedule.

With his busy work schedule, our free time is pretty limited and often used for rest, but the friend who was telling us about their Sunday Funday happens to have a similar work schedule as a collegiate coach. His sport was gearing up for playoffs when they were telling us about their adventurous Sunday—all the more reason for us to enjoy our beautiful city despite busy schedules.

Sunday morning we woke up to natural light peeking through the blinds at 7:45 am. (Seriously, does it get any better than that?) Jackson took out the griddle and got to work on the pancake mix. I’m in charge of the blueberries—which basically means I make sure every pancake is given their fair share of berries after he pours the batter. We’ve been eating Sunday morning pancakes every since we’ve been married, and we love it! It’s something we look forward to doing and eating together each week.

After our bellies were comfortably pancake-plumped, we set out to find a coffee shop neither of us had been to before. One of Jackson’s athlete’s talked up The Good Cup so we decided to check it out. And instead of getting something we’d usually get, we ventured out by ordering Dirty Chai Lattes. First impression: HOW HAVE I NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE?! Simply incredible. Add it to your bucket list.

We ordered our drinks to go so they could keep our hands warm for our walk along the Santa Barbara shoreline. Jackson and I love going for walks. There’s something incredible that happens to us when we walk and talk. Conversation flows. Endorphin’s fly.  Frustrations, dreams, and ideas come to life. I swear I can feel our marriage growing stronger by the minute. We walked a good two miles along the beach before heading to church.

When we got to church, the worship team started playing some older songs—the type of songs Jackson has told me time and time again he loves to hear. Whenever I see my husband getting into worship, I can’t help but tear up and thank God for the incredible blessing he’s given me.

After the service ended, we stuck around to catch up with some friends we’ve gotten to know over the past few months. I have to confess; I absolutely dread the awkward greeting time at church, but I love the social time after! We couldn’t stay too long, because we need to swing by our apartment to grab some food before Jackson had to work. But because he just needed to do a couple treatments, I was able to come with and hang out in his office.

Around 4 pm, we were back in the truck headed toward Inspiration Point—a beautiful, moderate hike overlooking Santa Barbara and the ocean. It’s funny, the hardest part of the hike is walking from your parking spot up to the trail head. Once we reached the top, we just hung around and enjoyed the view for awhile. We even met a tourist from Ukraine who was loving his trip to California and looking forward to checking out the Sequoia National Park next.

When we made it back to our place, we made homemade mac and cheese—just thinking about it makes my mouth water—and then went out to get groceries. And if you’re thinking shopping for groceries doesn’t belong on the Sunday Funday agenda, you’re wrong. I love grocery shopping with Jackson! He pushes the cart, while I fill it with delicious foods. It’s the best.

After unpacking the groceries, we settled in and watched an episode of Parks and Rec before calling it a night. I can’t wait to see what the next Sunday Funday has in store!

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