How He Proposed

Jackson and I dated his senior year of college. We knew he was going to grad school far away and I had two more years of school in Minnesota, but we decided this relationship was worth the shot.

Long distance relationships are tough, but if you survive them you come out stronger than ever. We saw each other maybe four times a year—taking multiple connecting flights each time. I’ve had my fair share of airport meltdowns trying to catch a plane as well as plenty of eight hour layovers. Spending time together made it all worth it, and long distance dating meant we had to become expert communicators and excellent planners.

Flashback to August of 2015 when I was ecstatic because Jackson was coming to Minnesota for the weekend for his friend’s wedding. The plan was for me to pick him up at 11 PM on Friday. He even sent me his (fake) flight information a month prior.

A couple weeks before his arrival my friend Jenna asked if I wanted to get together with her before school starts so we planned to hang out that Friday. She suggested we check out a new brewery and invited Kali and Kath, our old roommates, to come along and make a mini reunion out of it.

The day before, I got an email that I had a work meeting at the time we were planning to go out. Jenna was extremely persistent that I get out of it—so I did. She also persuaded me to wear a dress by claiming that she, Kali, and Kath would all be wearing dresses, to which I would normally protest but decided not to put up a fight and participate as well.

Once we arrived to Surly Brewery, I realized we were really close to the Witches Hat Tower, the place Jackson asked me to be his girlfriend. I got really excited and pointed out the tower. They suggested we go up there and take pictures after we finished our drinks. 

If you don’t know my friends, they love taking pictures. I especially agreed to this because I was looking for any sort of distraction from anticipating his arrival that night.

We started walking up the hill to the Witches Hat to get to the lookout point. As soon as we reached the final flight of stairs I saw Jackson sitting on one of the tables.


I squealed and made my way over to him as fast as a girl could in a dress and flip flops. As I reached him he said, “I wanted to surprise you.” Then he got down on one knee and continued, “I know how much you love surprises. And I want to keep surprising you forever. Will you marry me?” Through the overwhelming excitement and shock I somehow managed to get out “Yes!!!”






At that point, my other friends, Caitlin, Hannah, and Rachel came out from hiding and joined in on the celebration. 



It was perfect.


Bonus Footage

My friends had a photo shoot with Jackson while they were waiting.




Photos by Cait n’ her Camera