How Pancakes Brought Jackson + I Together

Chels + Jax Pancakes

The first time I met Jackson was during basketball practice. He had an athletic training rotation with the women’s basketball team his junior year of college.

At practice one day, my hand got sliced open so I walked over to the athletic trainers for a band-aid and the senior AT student nicely handed me off to Jackson. He grabbed my hand and taped it up real nice—complimenting my crazy socks and nails in the process.

Although he did a wonderful tape job, the adhesive was no match for my sweaty palms and in a matter of minutes I was back with Jackson. He tried another wrapping technique that unfortunately solved my injury, leaving me to finish practice without any more assistance from Jackson.

After that day, I was extra aware of the cute tall blonde boy that sat at our practices and secretly hoped I’d have a reason to see the athletic trainers again.

I soon began seeing Jackson all around school. And to my pleasant surprise, we ate lunch at the same time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’d say hi to him in the halls, library, and in the dining center. Every once in awhile he couldn’t find where his friends sat down for lunch and would pop a squat by me and my friends. On those days, my stomach would turn to knots and my hands would shake as my dream man sat across from me.

The whole basketball team learned about my crush and were very supportive of it. They were all rooting for Jackson and I. The only one who didn’t know was Jackson himself.

After the basketball season ended, we still said hi to each other in the dining center and various communal spaces around campus. But when I saw the spring 5k was starting at the off campus apartments where Jackson lived, I had a far-fetched brilliant idea.

My friend Jenna and I signed up for the 5k. The event poster said you could run, walk, or even rollerblade the race route.

The week before the race I hopped on Facebook messenger and asked Jackson if he was going to be around on Saturday because Jenna and I had a small favor to ask him.

He said he should be. I continued to tell him our predicament.

“We’re running the 5k on Saturday morning and 1) can’t decide if we want to rollerblade or run, but plan on bringing the necessary equipment for both 2) don’t know where to keep our stuff when we go there… so what is the possibility you’d be able to store our stuff while we’re running?” – Chelsea

To my surprise, Jackson said, “Sure thing. Does that mean I have to clean up? lol jk it’s not bad. I’m totally fine with you storing your stuff here. What time?”

Yes! My plan was working.

Flirty freshman me replied, “Yes and we’ll be expecting breakfast at 9:30 sharp. Haha jk. um I think we’ll be taking the shuttle over around 9? I can just text you when we get there, what’s you number?”

Yup. I schemingly asked Jackson for his number. No shame.

And this was his reply, “Haha I will make eggs and pancakes! Ya just text me.” And he sent over his digits.

“Haha alright, even though we should probably be the ones bringing you breakfast…” – Chelsea

“Ya you should do that instead! I like that idea better!” – Jackson

“Really? Hmm woulda pegged you as a pancake maker.” – Chelsea

“I’m actually considering making pancakes on Saturday morning now.” – Jackson

“With chocolate chips!” – Chelsea

The next morning he sent another message, “So I think I’m actually going to make pancakes.”

I said, “Really?! Would Jenna and I be getting in on this?”

“Ya! I got my mom’s pancake recipe yesterday.” – Jackson


Jenna and I knew full well we weren’t going to rollerblade that 5k, but man did that little plan work. It was the turning point in our relationship.

I now had his phone number and we now had pancakes to bond us forever.

Jax Pancakes

In fact, we’ve been making pancakes almost every Sunday since we got married. Check out our favorite Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake recipe to join in on the deliciousness.