Apple Berry Pecan Kale Salad

This Apple Berry Pecan Kale Salad will fit almost anyone’s dietary needs. It’s gluten free, dairy free, and full of nutrients. Crunchy kale leaves piled high with chicken, apples, blackberries, cranberries and pecans. A colorful, healthy meal ready to go in minutes.

Apple Berry Pecan Kale Salad

Salads are great because the largest part of the dish is the greens! You can get so many leafy vegetables in your diet by eating salads.

They’re easy to make, but sometimes you get stuck making the same type of salad over and over again. For me, that’s taco salads and BBQ chicken salads. And even though those are some of my favorites, I still like to change it up. This fruity salad does just that.

Sometimes there’s one ingredient that really makes a salad pop. For this dish, it’s the blackberries—hands down. Everything in it is fairly basic and easy to put together, but when you get a bite of blackberry, its juices explode in your mouth and make this a salad to remember.

Apple Berry Pecan Kale Salad



  1. Fill a large bowl with the amount of kale you want. Then fill it some more.
  2. Add chicken, an amount about the size of your palm, to the bowl.
  3. Add the apple, blackberries, cranberries and pecans.
  4. Drizzle on some poppyseed dressing and dig in!
Apple Berry Pecan Salad