Hey there, I’m Chels!

Welcome to Chels + Jax, a blog about two weirdos in love. You can expect to read a little bit about everything here—food, fitness, faith, lifestyle, marriage, and many adventures.

Jackson and I met in college, survived two years of long-distance dating, got married over four years ago, and reside in Santa Barbara, California. We’re loving every minute of this adventure!


A little about Chels + Jax:

  1. We love Jesus.
  2. If we’re ever bumming out of the couch, you can bet we’re watching The Office—over and over and over again.
  3. We love to work out, go hiking, and play games.
  4. Jackson was born to be an Athletic Trainer.
  5. We both enjoy reading—I like to read books while Jackson enjoys sports medicine articles.
  6. We both have our motorcycle licenses.
  7. We love cooking! Jackson’s specialties are stir fry and protein pancakes while I consider myself a master stuffed pepper and dessert maker.
  8. Jackson’s from South Dakota and I’m from Minnesota. We’re both Vikings fans so it works out.
  9. We agree to disagree on how to make quesadillas. (He’s a tortilla folder; I use two and cut it like a pizza.)
  10. We are best friends!