15 Songs to Describe the Life of a Certified Athletic Trainer

As a former collegiate athlete and wife of a Certified Athletic Trainer, I have been blown away by the sports medicine profession. Certified Athletic trainers are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. They work normal office hours and attend their sports team's practices and games on top of it. Aside … Continue reading 15 Songs to Describe the Life of a Certified Athletic Trainer

Top Five Treadmill Workouts

Wednesdays are usually our running days, and because we tend to workout before the sun comes up this often means we run on a treadmill. We like to mix it up from week to week depending on what we feel like doing that day. Check out our top five favorite treadmill workouts below. 1. 30 … Continue reading Top Five Treadmill Workouts


10 Things To Do By Yourself

I love love love spending time with Jackson. Which makes sense as my love language is quality time. But October-March is Jackson's busy season and this means I have a lot of free time on my hands. I've learned, and continue to learn, to be creative with my time, instead of waiting around for him … Continue reading 10 Things To Do By Yourself

Think About Your Thinking

"Ohhhhh myyyyy gosshhhh. I don't want to be here." said at least once a day by someone in my office. When I started my first full-time corporate job a few months ago, one of the first things I noticed was my coworkers' negative attitudes and strong personalities. They complained about everything. "The water tastes gross." … Continue reading Think About Your Thinking